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This guy is awesome; he was fair and did everything I thought he would do. He met me and took away my vehicle at no charge and gave me more money that I thou... view full review

Great Service They did exactly what they said they would and showed up on time. Great guy's... view full review

Florida Junk Cars is a 'five-star' rated company as far as I am concerned. Their people are amazing. They delivered Exactly as they promised. They provided the highest CASH for my old clunker. I checked the prices before I signed with Florida Junk Cars. And then checked around online a bit after they came and paid me. They were the highest paying, best buyer around. They told me beforehand how much they would pay me and they paid me cash on the spot, that amount. No BS. Florida Junk Cars is the way to go!"

Phil Rodgers, Orlando,Fla

Florida Junk Cars made me happy I chose them. I am a divorced mother and am afraid of strangers coming to my house. But I needed to get rid of my old car. Florida Junk Cars' people were professional and courteous. They made me feel comfortable and they explained exactly the process they would follow. I sent them the information about my car; they gave me a quote. I signed up. They came over within two days. They towed my old car away and paid me CASH on the spot. I will definitely use Florida Junk Cars again."

Sheryl Stewart, Casselberry, FL

Florida Junk Cars is the best service around Florida. Me and my buddies like to race cars and smash them up. It's our hobby. So I'm always buying, fixing and wrecking cars. I need a reliable company that wants the junk cars I serve up. Florida Junk Cars fills the bill perfectly. I wreck my cars, fill out their easy online form. They give me a quote. I accept it on the spot and they come and pick up my junk car. Last week they had to trek out to the field 15 miles outside town. No problem for them. They gave me cold hard cash as they promised and towed Bessie away. Hassle Free. In fact, a few times I even made money when I sold my beat up cars to them. Me and the boys have a race this weekend. No doubt we'll crack up a few cars. Get ready Florida Junk Cars. Thank You!"

Tommy Brownley, St. Cloud,Fla

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